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The Kali Temple in Kolkata

Kalighat Kali Temple, West Bengal
Kalighat Kali Temple, West Bengal
Kalighat on the banks of the (original) Adi Ganga, is one of the 52 'Shakti Peethas'. It is believed that the peetha was formed when Lord Shiva performed the furious destruction dance -'Tandav' with the burnt corpse of his consort, 'Sati' on his shoulders; to mourn the death of his wife. And none of the Gods could face or stop the raging Shiva; his spinning disc- the chakra, pierced the body of Sati and parts of it fell at various places. These places were later recognized as pilgrimage centers of the Goddess Kali.

Kalighat at Kolkata, West Bengal, is one such place where the toe of her right foot had fallen. Goddess Kali – the most complex goddess of the Hindus is known as the destroyer as well as the liberator in her fearful form. The Goddess is worshipped by thousands of people across the country and also in different parts of the world.

The divine mother of the temple appears to be in an ethereal style. Although furious, she has a divine power that attracts her devotees from far across the globe. The golden, long protruding tongue; huge enlightened eyes, four hands - the entire idol devours a spiritual feeling.

The temple too has an exotic ambience. It has a covered, rectangular Natmondir; a spacious verandah specially meant for holding rituals. The 'Shoshti Tala'- a part of the Goddess, Hari-Kath: two altars for animal sacrifices, the Kundupukur – the sacred tank are other important sections of the temple. Nakuleshwar Mahadev Temple is another associate of the Kalighat.

The temple is fenced with numerous shops and vendors mostly selling religious wares and icons. Kalighat in South Kolkata has many roads connected to it and thus provides an easy to and fro for the pilgrims. Taxis, buses are quite handy. The nearest metro stations are at Jatin Das Park and Kalighat. The destination also has a tram depot for more convenience.

Accommodation too, is not a hunt search in Kalighat. There are many hotels and rest houses nearby waiting to serve the pilgrims. Many international hotels, affordable lodges, tourist inns are easily available that meet the comfort ability of the visitors.