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"The Kali Badi" in Kolkata

Dakshineshwar Temple
Dakshineshwar Temple
The legendry Kali Temple by Rani Rasmoni, situated on the banks of river Hoogli - a tributary of the Great Ganges is a peaceful site to visit in Kolkata. Being a composition of various races, Kolkata has some of the most world famous temples on its land. Ramkrishna Paramhansa – one of the most recognized devotees of Goddess Kali has a deep association with the 'kali badi'. With the grace of Goddess Kali, the temple was built by Rani Rasmoni, immediately after a very unusual dream of Goddess Kali. Being a great devotee, Ramkrishna Paramhansa was honored to serve the temple as the head priest.

The temple being built on a raised platform has a huge courtyard with twelve separate temples of the soul companion of Goddess Kali - Lord Shiva. The temples, commonly known as the twelve Jyotir lingas are an exquisite vision for eyes. A temple of the love legends - Radha Krishna; a bathing ghat for the holy dip, the Rani Rasmoni Shrine are few of the other attractions of this place. The northwestern corner of the last Jyotirlingam leads its way to the spiritual leader – Sri Ramkrishna's chamber where he had spent a remarkable span of his life.

The south facing three-storied enormous temple has nine spires in the upper two storey , a narrow balcony, the Dakshina Kali standing on the breast of the destroyer – Lord Shiva, a wide spread and spacious Natyamandir, The Panchavati; the five ancient trees. The entrance of the temple is flooded with ample shops ready to serve the devotees that throng in number every day.

Belur Math, Ramakrishna Mission, Path Badi are some more nearby attractions to visit. Accommodation sees no problem as there are a huge number of hotels and lodges at affordable prices. The conveyance too seems smooth and random throughout the city.