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Ujjayntha Palace - The Royal Palace In Agartala

Ujjayntha Palace In Tripura
Ujjayntha Palace In Tripura
The present Ujjayntha Palace in the capital city of Tripura – Agartala was formerly a Royal palace in the times of yore. The beautiful architecture built by the Emperor Radhakishore Manikya during 1899–1901 currently serves as the Tripura Legislative Assembly. The palace's name was bestowed by the Great Indian Poet – Rabindranath Tagore. The prior royal palace was situated just 10 Kms away from Agartala. But however due to earthquake devastation in 1897 it was rebuilt in the heart of the capital city. Since then it is recognized as the Ujjayntha Palace. The tours to the palace are engaged by The Tripura Tourism group.

About the palace:

The Greek styled architecture was completed at a amount of rupees 10 lakh. The citadel is place with the gigantic lughole style mughal gardens, ornamented by beautified fountains and pools, bowed wooden ceiling, the splendidly tiled floors and elegantly crafted doors. The three storied castle has a Mughal – Greek mixed architecture with three high domes. The palace is well laid out with attractive gardens that have two large tanks on either side and the superb fountains are set in the Mughalian pattern. The palace is elegantly dressed in an attire of lights complemented with the awesome fountains that sets an exquisite view for the visitors. One can not resist admiring the beautiful palace.


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How to reach the palace:

Agartala is the nearest airport well connected with Calcutta, Guwahati, Delhi.
Kumarghat and Dharama are the nearest railheads. Being the capital city of Tripura it is well connected with roadways and highways.