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Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary - The Grasslands Of Southern Tripura

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary In Southern Tripura
Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary In Southern Tripura
Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary was inaugurated in November 1998. It is a haven of paradise to the visitors. The sanctuary spreads over an area of 197.7 Sq Km. and has an abundance of flora and fauna. Its extreme, virgin forest reserves and animal wealth provides a great book of information to the children. The most visited tourists to this destination are the Botanists, environmentalists, academicians, taxonomist and the school going children. Various excursions are organized by schools and institutions to increase the knowledge of children and encourage their love and attachment towards the nature. The forest reserve often plans educational & awareness programmes to promote conservation of forests.

Flora & fauna:

Trishna in Tripura is one of the most conserved reserves that are rich in bio – diversity in wild and plant life. The natural vegetation of this sanctuary is truly rich. There are nearly 230 species of trees, 400 species of herbs, about 110 species of shrubs and 150 of climbers existing in the Sanctuary. Among all these there is good variety of species containing medicinal value namely - Kurcha, Tulsi, Vasak, Bel, etc.

Some commonly found animal species are – leopards, langoors, gibbons, Indian Bison, etc. Birds like Pheasant tailed Jacana; White breasted King Fisher, Indian Black drongo, Tailer bird, Hornbill, Dove etc. add up to the faunal wealth of Trishna Sanctuary.


To enjoy the adventure of the forest one should prefer staying in the forest house at Trishna. Tourist lodges are also available to satisfy the basic comforts.

How to reach:

Nearest airport & railhead to the spot is Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. Buses and taxis are handy from Agartala as it is just 95 Kms from the sanctuary.