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The Wildlife & Natural Water Paradise - Sepahijala Sanctuary, South Agartala

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary At Agartala, Tripura
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary At Agartala, Tripura
Sepahijala is a small wildlife reserve, situated nearly about a distance of 30 Kms south of Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. This sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers as it is home to the vivid animals, birds and floral species. This wildlife reserve covers an area of 18,532 Kms, accompanied by various other entertainments that form a good place to spend quality time amidst the nature.

The zoological park of Sepahijala sanctuary was into force in the year 1972, prior to this entire wildlife sanctuary.  It was later started in the year 1987 in order to protect the natural wealth of this destination. The absolute green terrain with the accompaniment of the throughout beautiful weather attracts the tourists from all over the country. The zoological park is the main highlight of Sepahijala sanctuary, which is separated into 5 sections.  Namely – (i) Reptile section (ii) Primate Section (iii) Carnivores section (iv) ungulate section (v) Aviary section.  

Flora & fauna:

Sepahijala sanctuary is very rich in natural vegetation. It includes Nageshwar (state flower), Agar (state tree) and around 456 species of plants that comprises both monocotyledons and dicotyledons. The principal trees found here are Sal, Kanak, Kurcha, Garjan, Chamal, Pichla, Awla, bamboo etc.

Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary is a home to 5 species of primates that include pigtailed macaque, spectacled langur, Capped langur, Rhesus macaque. One can also observe some common animals like jungle fowl, clouded leopard, and wild pig, leopard, barking deer, civets and a rare species of crab eating Mongoose.  Sepahijala is also home to some migratory birds as well as residential birds. Some of the usual birds seen here are open billed stork, whistling teal, white ibis and many more.

Things to see & do:

The zoo, the botanical garden & the lake are the major highlights of the sanctuary. The basic attractions for the tourists here are boating, a joyride on the elephants and the toy train.

Accommodation & accessibility:

Both luxurious and affordable hotels are available for the visitors. Agartala is the nearest railhead and airport to the destination.