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Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary - The Home To Wildlife In Northern Tripura

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary In Northern Tripura
Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary In
Northern Tripura
Rowa wildlife sanctuary is situated in the northern district of Tripura. This sanctuary is beautiful place that has adopted the responsibility for conservation of forests and wildlife of northern Tripura. Rowa sanctuary is located near Panisagar. It covers an area of 85.85 Sq Kms and is an abode to a good number of species of flora & fauna.  This sanctuary reflects the natural heritage of Tripura and undoubtedly is one of the best places that attract the nature lovers.

Rowa is blessed with many tiny water bodies that help to sustain the wildlife of the sanctuary. The lush green view of the forest in Rowa with a merry company of the tiny rivulets and ponds is a captivating view from a height. This natural forest attracts many residential and migratory birds that breed on the water bodies adjoining the sanctuary.

Flora and fauna:

The amazing vegetation of Rowa sanctuary include herbs of great medicinal importance, fruits, fodder, spices, ornamental flowers, aromatic plants, horticulture plants, spices and orchids. This Tripuran Wildlife Sanctuary houses more than 150 species of birds. Wild beasts and primates also add up to the faunal wealth of this extravagantly beautiful sanctuary. Spending a day among such a gorgeous and refreshing environment is worthwhile.


One can enjoy a delightful stay at the Panisagar Tourist Lodge that provides with the best basic comforts and service to the visitors.

How to reach:

Air: The nearest airport is Agartala.
Road: the sanctuary is easily accessible from Panisagar as buses and taxis are quite handy.