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Tripureshwari, The Temple Of Goddess Kali In Tripura

Tripureshwari Temple At Tripura
Tripureshwari Temple At Tripura
Tripureshwari temple is recognized as one of the 51 pilgrim centres, known as pithasthan. According to the Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu had cut the body of 'Sati' into several pieces with his powerful wheel, the Sudarshan Chakra. Due to this massacre of Lord Vishnu, the body parts of sati fell on 51 different places of India. These places were then renowned as the holy pilgrim centres or the 51 pithasthan.

About the temple:

Tripureshwari temple was built by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya in 1501 A.D. at Tripura. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is believed that during the rage of Lord Vishnu, the right foot had fallen at Matabari (Tripura) and since then it is known as a worshipping place. This sacred site is a holy omen for the Tripurians.  The idol of Goddess Kali in this temple is cut from a reddish – black Kastic stone. Although in a destructive mood, the idol reflects an extreme power of peace and serenity. Tripureshwari temple is also popular by the name Kurma which means the tortoise. The eastern side of the temple has the famous Kalyan Sagar that has famed for its large fish and tortoises. The devotees visiting the temple enjoy feeding biscuits and puffed rice to these aquatic animals.

Best time to visit the temple:

Diwali is the most preferred time for the devotees to visit Tripureshwari temple in large number, as an annual fair is grandly held along the temple and Kalyan Sagar Lake.

How to reach:

Agartala is the nearest Airport and railhead to the temple. Buses and taxis can also be availed to reach the destination.