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Malncha Niwas - The Ancient Adjacent Bungalow At Kunjaban Palace

Malncha Niwas At Kunjaban Palace In Agartala, Tripura
Malncha Niwas At Kunjaban Palace
In Agartala, Tripura
Malancha Niwas is the attractive bungalow that preserves many ancient memories of our Indian Legends. It is adjacent to the Kunjaban Palace built on the Kunjaban hillock. Formerly it was a Kutcha house where the great Indian Poet – Tagore stayed in the year 1919 when he visited the Kunjaban Palace and wrote a number of memorable poems. Later it was renovated as a strong bungalow.

The apartment is situated to the east of the Kunjaban Palace and is a calm and peaceful place where many great poets and writers were inspired by the natural beauty of the hill and penned many beautiful masterpieces that are now an evidence for the glory of pride to the palace. The bungalow well compliments the palace with a company of a picturesque landscape that wins away the heart of the tourists. It is one of the best examples to narrate the beauty of the splendid state of Tripura.


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How to reach:

  • Nearest airport – Agartala.
  • Nearest railhead – Dharmanagar &Kumarghat
  • Private vehicles from Dharmanagar & Kumarghat to the destination