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The Sacred Lake Of South Tripura - Kalyansagar Lake

Kalyansagar Lake In South Tripura
Kalyansagar Lake In South Tripura (Credit.2124908117)
Kalyansagar, situated in the district of South Tripura is a natural pond lake. With a beautiful and scenic landscape, it is one of the best spots to visit or spend a good time away from the city chaos. The beauty of this lake gets enhanced by the presence of a temple of Goddess Tirupeshwari (Goddess Kali) on its eastern side. As the lake is an abode to many tortoises and different fish, devotees visiting the temple do not miss the opportunity to worship the aquatics here. Just 3 Kms away to the south from the town of Udaipur (Tripura), Kalyansagar Lake is located at the foot of a hillock with captivating backdrop of natural beauty. The lake, famed for its aqua species, spreads over to an area of 2752 acres.

Nearby attractions:

Tripura Sundari Temple, Jagannath Digthi Tank and Bhuvaneshwari Temple are some of the major nearby attractions for the visitors to add in their journey.


Many affordable lodges are available in Agartala – the capital city and Udaipur that provide with the basic comforts of life.

How to reach there:

Nearest airport is at Agartala. Udaipur is just 3 Kms away from the spot. Taxis can be easily availed to reach the spot.