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Major Tourist Attractions & Travel Destinations in Tripura

Tripura is a small northeastern state of India, surrounded on the east by Assam and Mizoram, on the north, west and south by Bangladesh. The state features wide ranging natural attractions such as dense forested hills, deep valleys, low hills and high plains. Agartala is the capital of Tripura, around 30% of the people are divided into 19 indigenous tribal groups and 70% people are Bengalis. The traditional art, historic palaces, cultural heritage, ethnic tribes, flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes, swift rivers and biodiversity are the major tourist attractions that as a whole combine to make Tripura one of the most sought after tourist destinations in North East India. Rice is the main crop of the state while it is the second highest rubber-producing state in India.

Top Tourist Attractions in Tripura

Palaces: The erstwhile princely state features some of the best palaces in northeastern India. These palaces are architectural wonders and provide a glimpse of the royal past of the state. Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, Malancha Niwas and Neermahal are wonderful masterpiece featuring high domes, carved wooden ceilings, exquisitely crafted doors and Mughal style gardens.

Temples: The state houses large number of temples belonging to Hindus and Buddhists. These temples and monasteries attract large number of devotees and tourists towards their religious significance and act as major pilgrimage centers in Tripura. Mata Tripureshwari and Bhuveneshwari Temples at Udaipur, Fourteen Goddess Temple and Benuban Vihar at Agartala are some of the sacred places in the state.

Wildlife Attractions: Major portion of the state is under forest cover which acts as a natural dwelling for wildlife and helps in the growth of wide variety of trees, orchids and bird species. The high percentage of forested lands provides excellent opportunities for eco-tourism in Tripura.  Sepahijala Wild Life Sanctuary and Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary are home to numerous animals and more that 150 species of residential and migratory birds.

Lakes: The rugged terrain and beautiful landscapes of the state is dotted with large number of natural as well as artificial lakes. These lakes provide natural heavens for migratory birds and are rich in marine life. Dumboor Lake, Rudrasagar Lake and Kamalasagar Lake are some of the popular lakes in Tripura. Most of the lakes are within or close to the city of Udaipur, due to which it is tagged as "The City of temples and lakes."

Accessibility & Lodging

Agartala Airport is the only airport in Tripura which is well connected with Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Silchar. The Indian Railways serves the state while National Highway no. 44 connects Agartala with Guwahati by road. Tourists from home and abroad will find accommodations at top hotels in Tripura that offer excellent luxuries and facilities.