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Rumtek - The Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Sikkim

Rumtek Monastery In Sikkim
Rumtek Monastery In Sikkim
Rumtek is a Tibetan monastery in Sikkim, popularly known as the Dharmachakra Centre. Founded in the 16th century, this Monastery is bounded by most favorable attributes. It possesses some pious traits and is blessed with some extravagant natural beauty of streams flowing by, a snow range in the front, mountains standing behind and a river running below.

About the place:

The glorious seat in Rumtek, Dharmachakra Centre is a place of spiritual accomplishment and erudition. It was inaugurated on the Tibetan New Year day, 'The Losar' in 1966. This largest monastery in Sikkim is the home to many spiritually recognized communities of monks where all the ritual practices are observed. The roof peak of the monastery comprises of four storied golden sculpture, known as ghanzira. It bears the paintings of the Kagyu lineage, the sixteen Arhats, the eight great Bodhisattvas, the Genduk Chogngi etc. Bearing a scenic place with a peaceful atmosphere to forget all the sorrows of life, Rumtek Monastery is a good place to spend quality time leaving behind all human desires.

Activities at Rumtek:

Rumtek Monastery holds various poojas devoted to certain deity that is observed almost every month which usually lasts from one to two weeks.

How to get there:

Rumtek is easily accessible from Gangtok which is just 1 or 2 hrs run, Siliguri (110 Kms). A taxi from Gangtok can be hired exclusively for Rumtek Monastery. Many tours and travel buses provide a safe journey to the spot.