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Nathu La Pass - A Trading Border Between China & India

Nathu La Pass In Sikkim
Nathu La Pass In Sikkim
The path of Nathu La Pass that makes its way through the beautiful & captivating picturesque of Sikkim, one of the most gorgeous place in India. It is a mountain pass that connects Sikkim with the sovereign border of Tibet in China. The pass is laid at a height of 14,140 ft. It is a derivative of the ancient Silk Route. Nathu La was re-opened in the year 2006, following plentiful mutual trade agreements after the Sino – Indian War in 1962. The opening of the pass resulted in the extreme growth of the Sino – Indian trade that showed a good impact on the state economy.

Nathu La pass is the main gateway to Sikkim. It offers a mesmerizing view to the visitors travelling on the historic Silk Route. Richly covered with the Alpine floral & faunal wealth, the pass is a tranquil for the tourists. A number of commodities are exported and imported from the bordering countries of India through this pass.  Thus noticing a bright future of Nathu La pass, the neighboring Indian State Government and the Central Government are planning great things for the pass.

The tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of nature and the snow covered mountains on special days with family and friends to spend a wonderful time amidst the gorgeous atmosphere of Sikkim.

Best time to visit:

Summer time is the best to visit the spot as the temperature is 15 ⁰C. Winters drop down to -25 ⁰C so one should not visit at this time.

How to get there:

The capital city Gangtok is just about 56 Km from the pass. 4 wheelers with permit to enter the region should be preferred as the pass is under the Indian Army.