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The Kyongnosla Alpine - The Sanctuary Near The Tsomgo Lake

The Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary In Sikkim
The Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary In Sikkim
The Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary, an example of natural wildlife highlights the rich and rare wealth of animals & plants. It is situated just 31 Kms away from Gangtok. It stretches its boundaries to an area of about 31 Sq Km. The sanctuary is still at an altitude of 3292 m and 4116 m that fluctuates from place to place in the sanctuary. The Alpine sanctuary is stabled near the famous Tsomgo Lake of Sikkim.  The preferred spot for the trekkers has a beautiful picturesque of natural beauty and a good range of flora & fauna.

Flora & fauna:

The rich and unique vegetation of the Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary mainly counts some really rare species, which are a matter of luck in other parts of the country. The frequent species found in common, records the wild strawberries, rare panax, tall juniper, irises. Some other species available in the sanctuary are - Rhododendron, silver fir orchid, primulas, gentians etc. are. Kyongnosla also reports some plants rich in medicinal value likely the Jatamasi Nilo Bikh, Kutki and many more.

The faunal community of the park includes the Satyr Tragopan, Musk Deer, Blood Pheasant, Yellow throated Martens Weasel, Leopard, Red Panda, Himalayan Marmot, Common Langur, Lesser Cats etc. The Sanctuary also has a variety of residential & migratory birds. Tragopan, Kestrel, Firetailed Sunbirds, Monal Pheasant, Redbilled Choughs, Laughing Thrushes, Snow Partridges, Satyr, Redstarts, Rose Finches, Forktails are some of them that can be viewed while trekking. 

When to visit:

The months from October to November are the best time to marvel the natural beauty of the place and spot out the animals in the sanctuary.


Hotels and tourist lodges are available in number in the capital city Gangtok. There are many affordable as well as luxurious means to satisfy the comfort level of he visitors.

How to get there:

Just 31 kms away from Gangtok – the capital city of Sikkim it is easily accessible by private & tourist buses. Other private vehicles & guides can be hired for better and easy journey to the spot.