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The High Mountain Pass In East Sikkim - Jelep La Pass

Jelep La Pass In East Sikkim
Jelep La Pass In East Sikkim
Jelep La Pass possesses a very scenic and beautiful picturesque. It is blessed with the sun's rays in the early morning to give it an attire of paradise. This high mountain pass lies to the east of Sikkim, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Jelep La connects the Indian border with the province of Tibet and is a part of the ancient Silk Route.  Situated at a height of 4267 m, its 46 m long winding path on the mountain with a jolly company of forests and number of hamlets around, give a captivating view to the travelers.  On the either side of Tibet the pass leads its way to the wonderfully canvassed Chumbi Valley of the Tibetan plateau.

The two Indian ways leading to the pass are of great importance. The 1st path leads through Gangtok , the capital city of Sikkim which lends a helping hand to increase the present day economy. The 2nd is the ancient Kalimpong route. This route played a vital role in the early centuries. The trading of fur and wool had supported the local economy on a large scale then. The pass was closed after the war in 1692 but later it was re – opened.

How to reach:

Gangtok is the easiest route to the pass. Hiring of four wheelers with a permit to reach there or a guide is the best option to visit the pass.