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Umaid Bhawan Palace - Chittar Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace
Umaid Bhawan Palace
One of the largest private residences in the world, Umaid Bhavan Palace is located in Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India. It was built by H.H. Maharaja Umaid Singh Ji in between 1928-1943. Being situated on the 'Chittar Hill', the highest point of Jodhpur, it was also called as Chittar Palace.

Things to Do & See:

The Umaid Bhavan Palace is a blend of Indo-European architecture. On the either side of the palace, there is 105 feet high cupola subjected to new generation & on the other, towers show the inspirations of Rajput.

Golden colored furniture & stylish artwork with the beautiful wall paintings makes the interiors lavish. This is the only place having the painting from the Ramayana that painted by a Polish artist.

Other attractions near Umaid Bhavan Palace are:

Mehragarh: A stunning hill fort with bluff-colored sandstone built so well that it is difficult to guess where the wall begins & hill ends.
Mehragarh Fort Museum: Includes interesting artifacts, textiles, paintings etc but the special one is the Palanquin and Howdah Gallery.

Apart from this, Government Museum, Mandore (8 kms), Balsamand Lake and Garden (5 km), Sadar Samand Lake (55 Km),Guda Bishnoi (25 Km), Mahamandir Temple (9 km), Kailana Lake (11 Km), Jhalamand Garh (10 Km), Luni Fort (35 Km) are the spots in & around the city of Jodhpur.

How to Reach?

Jodhpur is well connected to big cities like Jaipur & Delhi by air, rail & road.


Accommodation is available to suit tourists of every budget. Low budget accommodation as well as guesthouses can be available. Hotel Karni Bhavan, Hotel Ajit Bhavan, Umaid Bhavan Palace are few of them.