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Central Sikh Museum in Amritsar, Punjab

Central Sikh Museum - Punjab
Central Sikh Museum - Punjab (Credit.5327365524)
Founded in 1958, the Central Sikh Museum is just at the right side of main entrance of Golden Temple in Amritsar city of Punjab.

Like other museums, Central Sikh museum also has old coins, weapons & important religious documents from Sikh history. This museum is a great attraction for people who are fond of history & tradition. The conserved part of the museum is that it gives the details of Sikh history. The paintings of Sikh Gurus and Sikh warriors are put on display at the Central Sikh Museum. It also houses a first rate library.

Golden Temple, Jalianwala Bagh are few interesting places of interest nearby.

How to Reach?

Amritsar is a tourist destination & thus well connected by road, rail & air.


For accommodation, the city offers various ranges i.e. from first rate hotels to ordinary ones. Hotel City Heart, Mohan International Hotel, Hotel C J International are few of them.