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Bhatinda Fort - Historical Fort in Punjab

Bhatinda Fort - Punjab
Bhatinda Fort - Punjab
The boat shaped, Bhatinda Fort is located in Bathinda District of Punjab, India. Bhatti Reo had taken the initiative to build this 39 mt fort with 38 Burujas. It is almost 1800 years old. After looted by Mohammad Ghajhni, Maharaj Ala Singh of Patiala captured the fort in 1754. After Patiala ruler Maharaja Karam Singh, it was renamed as Gobindgarh.

Things to Do & See:

The Bhatinda Fort is also historically important. Razia Sultan; the first woman ruler (1236 AD) of India was locked up in this Bhatinda Fort. A Gurudwara is established in the honor of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth master of Sikh followers who visited the Bhatinda Fort. The Fort attracts numerous tourists due to its historical importance & unique appearance.

Chetak Park and Rose Garden are few of the nearby places of interest.

How to Reach?

For Bhatinda, travelling is easy as the city is well connected through a network of buses & trains. Bathinda is well connected by train to big cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmadabad etc. Chandigarh & New Delhi are the nearest airports.


Hotel Bahia Fort, Hotel Sepal-Goniana Road are some good hotels for accommodation purpose in Bhatinda.