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Taptapani, Famous Hot Water Spring

Taptapani, Orissa
Taptapani, Orissa
Situated at 67 km from Gopalpur and 56 km away from Berhampur, Taptapani is one of the famous hot springs in Orissa. The name itself suggest the meaning, Tapta means "Hot" and Pani means "Water". The popular natural spring Taptapani is attributed with medicinal property believing that it cures skin and body diseases. There is an artificial pond created near the hot spring. This place is surrounded by a cluster of hills and thick forests. As this is the most popular water spring, it attracts large number of tourists. It includes other attractions like its tribal communities and the picturesque landscape. The best time to visit this spring is between Octobers to June.

Things to do and see:

Handicrafts: This region is famous for handicrafts having famous silk fabrics of Behrampur which dominates the market. There is elegant work of brass work of Ganjam, coirmats of Gopalpur, and the exquisite horn work of Paralakhemundi can be procured here including carpets of Chandragiri woven by refugees from Tibet which adds another attraction.


Accommodation facility can be availed at many local hotels at Berhampur. There is sprawling Panthanivas at Taptapani which is the only shelter for tourists.  This Panthanivas is built by the tourism department of Orissa. 

How to reach:

One can reach at this destination through road. Nearest railway station is at Berhampur.