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Mukteswar Temple, Orissa

Mukteswar Temple, Orissa
Mukteswar Temple, Orissa
Mukteswar Temple is situated in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa near the Parsurameswar Temple. It is a well-known temple constructed in 10th century and is well-known for its stone architecture. This temple is one of the most beautiful temples in India. It is a unique monument as it has a sculptured gateway, decorated interiors and diamond shaped latticed windows with large number of carvings. This temple is famous for its religious values and also for its architecture. Lord Shiva is residing in the temple.

This temple comprises of a well which is said to be very lucky for women. Women toss coins inside the well hoping to cure their infertility. 

Things to do and see:

Architecture: Mukteswar Temple is famous for its architecture also. This temple is constructed in 10th century and is one of the smallest and compact temples in India. It is decorated with intricate carving which is incredible. This temple is regarded as a gem of Nagara architecture in the Orissan style. Lakulisa which was local saint is carved into the doorway of the temple. The red sand stone in the temple is covered with excellent carvings of lean Sadhus (Holy man) and voluptuous women encrusted with jewels.

Kedareshwar Temple: It is in the yard of Mukteswar Temple which attracts tourists with an 8 foot statue of Ram Bhakt Hanuman (Monkey Man). This temple displays the delicate sculpture and is a perfect blend of ancient and modern designing. This temple is also known as the Gem of Orissa architecture for its outstanding architecture. 


Accommodation is easily available at Bhubaneshwar.

How to reach:

One can easily reach this destination since the Bhubaneshwar city is well connected with many major cities in India.