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Deulajhari, Popular Spring in Orissa

Deulajhari, Orissa
Deulajhari, Orissa
Situated in Angul district near Athamallik Orissa, Deulajhari is the most famous hot water spring among the four springs in Orissa. It originates from below a Shivalings attracting many religious attributes to it. This spring attracts many tourists around the world. It is surrounded by green velvety forest stretching on the vast area and maintaining high degree of temperature.

This hot water spring is collected into 36 manmade ponds which confines the Shiva Temple. As the miracle of nature, 50 percent of the spring in the region is cold which is attached to the hot spring. It is believed that this water has medical properties which can heal number of disease and hence vast number of travelers and pilgrims visit here for curative and religious purposes. Deulajhari is surrounded by twenty-four hot water springs. According to the local belief initially there were eighty four springs but many of them are hidden in the jasmine forest.    

Things to do and see:

Festivals: Deulajhari hot spring is also famous for festivals like Panasankranti, Sitalasasthi, Kartika Purnima, Makaramela, and Shivaratri. Vast number of tourists gathers here to participate in these festivals.


Accommodation facility can be availed at Angul as per the need, convenience and buget.

How to reach

Angul is located on the National Highway 42 so reaching at Deulajhari hot spring is not a problem. Angul has regular bus services that connecting Deulajhari with other parts of Orissa.