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Best Places of Interest in Nagaland

Consisting of seven administrative districts inhabited by 16 major tribes, Nagaland is mostly mountainous and one of the smallest states in India. Located along the Indo-Myanmar border, agriculture is the most important economic activity of this state, apart from forestry, cottage industries, insurance, real-estate and tourism. English is the official language in Nagaland, where Nagamese is the most widely spoken dialect. Blessed with a salubrious climate throughout the year, Nagaland is lush and verdant with sub-tropical rain forests and a treasure trove of medicinal plants.

Top Tourist Attractions in Nagaland

Heritage Sites: Apart from plenty of nature-bound-activities in Nagaland, some of the main tourist attractions include Kohima War Cemetery, Catholic Cathedral, State-Museum, Dimapur-Chumukedima, Khonoma Green Village and ruins of the Kachari Kingdom.

Fairs & Festivals: With tribes cherishing fun, frolic, dance and music, there are plenty of festivals celebrated throughout the year. The main events include Horn Bill Festival, Moatsu Festival, Aoling Festival, Nazu Festival, Tuluni Festival, Yemshe Festival and Sekrenyi Festival.

Wildlife Attractions: The sub-tropical evergreen-forests and high-grasslands are home to pangolins, porcupines, elephants, leopards, bears, monkeys, deer, harts, oxen, buffalo and the great Indian hornbill. Intanki National Park near Dimapur and the Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary on the Indo-Myanmar border are the main draws.

Adventure Tourism: Nagaland is rich in flora and fauna, and ideal place for low and high-altitude trekking, rock-climbing, and nature trails and jungle-camping, especially around the Dzukou Valley, Mokokchung, Pungro, Mount Tiyi and the Satoi Range.

Naga Tribes: The culture and history of Nagaland reflects customs, beliefs, traditions and activities revolving around the tribes, or ‘Hill People’ of this land. These brilliant humans are experts in arts and crafts, and in making carpets, shawls, jewelry, pottery, masks, musical instruments, and cane and bamboo products.

Top Cities in Nagaland

Kohima – Situated at an altitude of 4,738 feet above mean-sea-level, Kohima, located on top of a high ridge is an utterly beautiful capital city offering wonderful views of the Naga Hills. Home to several Naga tribes, Kohima, along the Myanmar border is a great tourist destination.

Dimapur – This commercial center of Nagaland is home to the only airport and a railhead within the state; and close to Doyang River, several waterfalls, camps and picnic sites including the famous Intanki National Park.

Mokokchung – Home to Ao Naga tribe, this town and district administrative headquarters with a significant suburban population is centrally located. Politically important, Mokokchung is the intellectual and cultural capital of Nagaland. 

Travel & Lodging:

Dimapur is an important airport and railway junction connecting Nagaland State with rest of the Indian sub-continent. National Highways serving various locations within this state include NH-36, NH-39, NH-61, NH-150 and NH-155. Hotels and tourist accommodations are however located around main cities and important tourist destinations.