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Tourist Spots of Interest in Mizoram

Serene lake-sides, cascading waterfalls, bamboo forests, flourishing hills, deep gorges, humming-pine clusters, blue-skies and quaint traditional ethnic villages have all come together in this northeastern Indian paradise of Mizoram. With Myanmar on the east and Bangladesh to the west, Mizoram is economically under-developed due to lack of markets and raw-materials. However, this state harvests 40-percent of India’s 80-million ton annual bamboo crop, and is keen to develop newer relative opportunities including tourism in order to boost progress. ‘Inner Line Permits’ are nevertheless required by foreigners wanting to visit Mizoram.

Top Tourist Attractions in Mizoram

Heritage Sites: Some of the historical attractions located within Mizoram include Buddha’s Image at Mualchang, Mangkahia Lung Memorial, Memorial-at-Chhingpui, Phulpui Grave, Sibuta and Thangliana Lung memorials and the Tomb of Vanhimailian.

Festivals & Events: Mizoram has a rich tradition of seasonal dance festivals and events like the popular Chapchar-Kut during February-March and Mim-Kut, Pawl-Kut, Thalfavang-Kut, and Christmas occurring within the months of November and December.

Wildlife Attractions: Home to the famous Murlen and Blue Mountain National Parks, the other wildlife sanctuaries in Mizoram include the Dampa Tiger Reserve, and Ngenpui, Khawnglung, Tawi, Lengteng and Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Tourist Hotspots: A variety of tourist activities around lakes, forests, hills and waterfalls are available for visitors mostly near hotspots like Aizawl, Tamdil, Vantwang, Champhai, Phawngpui, Saiha and Lunglei.

Adventure Sports: Mizoram State offers several locations for caving, trekking and mountaineering in an abundance of deep-valleys with a vast variety of flora and fauna veiled within rich and luxuriant surroundings. Water-sports in many lakes are other added attractions.

Top Cities in Mizoram

Aizawl – Home to the state-governance infrastructure and the ethnic Mizo people, Aizawl is the capital and the largest city within Mizoram. Tourist attractions near here include Bara Bazaar, Luangmual Handicrafts Center, State Museum, and Durtlang Hills, a mini-zoo and several picnic spots and lakes.

Lunglei – Situated in the south-central region of Mizoram State, Lunglei is a small-town 235-kilometers south of Aizawl. Largely dependent on agriculture, cottage industry produces here include furniture, handloom-cloth, textiles and bamboo and cane works.

Champhai – Drive along the fertile plains of Champhai, about 200 km from Aizawl to enjoy the stunning vista of emerald rice fields bordered by the smoky hills of Myanmar.

Travel & Lodging:

Lengpui Airport near Aizawl is the most convenient air-way connecting with Kolkata. Otherwise, Silchar in Assam is the closest railhead located at a distance of 180-kilometers from the Mizoram State capital of Aizawl. NH-54, NH-150 and NH-40A, effectively knits Mizoram, within the northeastern region and with the main Indian subcontinent. Government run Tourist Lodges and Travelers Inns are available in district areas, while Aizawl offers a choice of hotels for varying budgets.