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The Biggest Spring Festival - Holi In Manipur

Yaushang Festival in Manipur
Yaushang Festival in Manipur
The celebration of Yaushang in Manipur starts from the full moon day of phalguna purnima according to the Indian calendar. Also known as the festival of colors, Yaushang marks the beginning of the spring season. The main attraction of the festival is the historic & cultural folk dance of Manipur-Thabal Chongba, which means dancing in the moonlight. Thousands of people from all over the state throng over the streets of Manipur to celebrate the auspicious festival of colors, popularly known as the 'Dol jatra'. People apply natural colors on each other to express the merriment of the festival. This festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna who is believed as one of the incarnations of the main Hindu deity Lord Vishnu.

A grand procession is taken out in this festival to mark the journey of the idol of Lord Krishna held in the arms of the womenfolk of Manipur. The procession seems to be very ritualistic and heart pleasing as it is coupled with a number of musical instruments & hymns sung in favor of Lord Krishna. All the people participating in the procession seem to have lost themselves in the festival. They dance & sing all through their journey which gives a superb sight to enjoy. Age is no barrier to get along the crowd. Children, adults& youngsters all love to be a part of the festival.

Time of celebration:

The biggest Manipuri festival is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun as per the Indian lunar calendar. The celebration symbolizes the start of the spring season.

Reason of celebration:

The festival is celebrated to mark the end of the evil over the good. A hut made by all inflammable materials is burnt to believe that all the evil deeds will stay afar from humans. It is also celebrated in the honor of the birth anniversary of the most recognized devotee of Lord Krishna- Maha Prabhu Chiatanyadev.