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Shree Gobindjee Temple - The Main Temple Of Manipur

Shree Gobindjee Temple In Manipur
Shree Gobindjee Temple In Manipur
It is considered to be the main temple of Manipur. The temple enriches the deity of Shree Gobindjee accompanied by many other Hindu deities - Jagannath, Subhadra, Balaram, Krishna, etc. installed in the Vaishnavite center, having a considerable congregation hall, twin domes and a tiled courtyard. The temple is situated in the environs of the Royal Palace & is a self-effacing outstanding construction. 

History of the temple

Legends state that Shree Gobindjee had himself installed the self idol carved out from a jackfruit tree at Kaina.

About the temple

The temple was built during the time of king Narasingh in 1847 A.D. As a result of the earthquake of March 1868, the structure collapsed & was then reconstructed by King Chandra Kirti Singh in 1869 A.D. Presently the Pakhangba, the deity linked with the royal family clan of Ningthauja is worshipped in this temple. It is built on a raised platform that is highly pedestal.

The biggest & magnificent temple of Manipur has a large & spacious hall to marvel. The sanctum, garbagriha, porch, the massive pillars, the cornice are all a matter of religious thought. The most peaceful atmosphere filled with the chanting of the mantras makes one feel close to God. Each morning is promptly performed in strict obedience and in a ritualistic manner. The music party is enduringly engaged to perform music during the prayers with several musical instruments. Numerous special festivals are celebrated with grandeur in this temple with scrupulous display of Manipuri dances. This temple maintains the communal arrangement in Manipur valley.


Pilgrims thronging from far away the country & across the globe can well occupy themselves in luxurious hotels & rest houses for modernity. Many affordable places are available to satisfy the basic comforts of life & spend a good time.

How to Reach

Nearest Airport- Imphal; nearest railhead- Imphal, Dimapur; many state buses are operated from the towns of Aizwal, Dimapur, Itanagar, Kohima, Shillong and Agartala with a frequency 8 hrs.