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The Preserved Heritage of Manipur

Manipur State Museum
Manipur State Museum
Manipur - the land of heritage and culture, the land of lions & deer, the land of tribes, communities &festivals! Manipur is a rich & ancient land filled with stories & things of the yore. Despite of its diversities it is a place of harmony. Rich in heritage & culture- Manipur needs to preserve its wealth for the future. The Manipur State Museum is one of such places in the state that has many hidden truths & facts in its heart & proudly shares with number people visiting Manipur across the globe.

About the museum

Established in 1969, inaugurated by the former Prime Minister of India - Indira Gandhi, the museum has the central authority in preserving & displaying of factual elements of its architectures, culture, art forms and history of the state.

Major attractions to see

The 7 main galleries include the Archeological Gallery, Natural History Gallery, Children's Gallery, Hiyang Hiren Gallery, Art Gallery, Jalan Gallery and Ethnological Gallery.  The sculptures of the local forest deities, the image of the Phakangba - the man who could turn himself into a dragon and the golden dragon decorative jar, the Union Jack of Imperial Britain, a bird and a canopy figurine made of gold and medals of King Bodhachandra. Phakangba represented in his dragon form, is considered as the forebear of all Vaishnavites. It mainly exhibits a flag of Manipur unfurled by King Bodhachandra at Kangla in 1947.

Events held

Cultural appreciation and awareness programs, fairs, and various thematic and mobile exhibitions and conserves the biological specimens. Workshops, exhibitions and conferences held by regional, national and international entities. The state also participates in cultural and arts and crafts festivals that display the talent of the local people of the state.

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays & Saturdays

How to reach

The museum is accessible by all the modes of transport.