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The Largest Floating Freshwater Lake In Manipur

Loktak Lake in Manipur
Loktak Lake in Manipur (Credit.3950200796)
The largest freshwater lake in the North- East India that has the only floating wildlife of the world is a unique gift to the people of Manipur. It gives rise to many occupations for the Manipurians. It's not a best tourist place but also a land of that provides bread to many local people there.

About the lake: 

This biologically & internationally important rich lake has a good number of wintery migrating waterfowls are a permanent home for many birds. Besides there a numerous activities held on the lake that promotes the lake as a major tourist destination & attracts the maximum number of visitors each year all across the globe. The fishermen are happiest people of the place as fishing is of prime importance & a number of freshwater fishes are available there.

Other activities:

With the association with the Fishermen Welfare Society of Manipur there are a many events held on the popular lake. Some of the very interesting activities are listed as- boat race festivals, swimming, Thanga Chinglak Bazaar, tourism, triglyceride, wild life of Loktak water festival. It was a major draw for people of Manipur. Several native water sports like, boat race, swimming, fish-netting, plantation of indigenous Phumdi, fishing Dance were showcased to attract tourists.