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The Harvest Festival of the Kuki Tribe

Kut Festival in Manipur
Kut Festival in Manipur
The festival is a post harvest festival that is celebrated to thank the almighty for all his blessings bestowed by him for a good paddy for the year & pray for bumper crops for the next years too. Kut-mainly celebrated by the kuki tribe earlier is now celebrated in almost the entire state of Manipur. The festival highlights the rich culture & heritage of the Land of Lion. As a symbol of unity it brings closer many communities together dressed in their best & unique traditional attires. The festival is coupled by many cultural programs like traditional folk dances & musical pieces that add zing to the celebration.

The very renowned bamboo dance signifies the team work & communal unity of the state. It spreads a message of love, brotherhood, peace & harmony. The festival is graced by some superior personalities like the Governor of the State, the Agricultural Minister, etc. Large lavishing feasts are held accompanying the cultural activities. The festival is celebrated with full pomp & gratitude to the God Almighty to overwhelm them with his showers of blessings for ample of paddy.

Time of Celebration:

Kut is the post harvest festival & so it is celebrated in the autumn season after the harvest of a healthy paddy plantation. The grand merriment is observed on the 1st of November every year.