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The Floating Park At Manipur, North-East India

Keibul Lamjo National Park
Keibul Lamjo National Park
The only floating park in the world is located at an integral part of Loktak Lake at Manipur in the North- East of India. 53 kms away from Imphal in Manipur the Keibul Lamjo National Park is famed for the Brow Antlered Sanghai deer popularly known as the Dancing deer in Manipur. A glimpse of these dancing deer is an eye candy for the wildlife lovers on the wetland ecosystem which has several distinguishing features.

Flora & Fauna: World's only 'floating sanctuary' stretches upto 40 sq km of wetland that is dense with 1.5 m. deep floating vegetation called the phumdi. The moist semi-evergreen forest in the park has a blend of aquatic, wetland and terrestrial eco-system. It has a huge variety of botany likely- Saccharum munja (Khoimom), S. bengal ensis, Hedychium coronaries (Loklei), Eiranthus procerus (Singnang), Dioschoria bulbifera (Phumha), Alpinia galanga (pullei). Some more like the Eichornia crossipes (Kabokang), Phragmites Karka (Tou) & several other species.

Things to see: An important highlight of the park, besides the vegetation and terrain, is the Loktak Lake (6,475 ha), the largest freshwater lake in India; a large portion of which falls within the park.

Best time to visit: The months between Octobers to April, the mornings & late afternoon is the best time to visit the park. Tourists are requested not to stay back after the sunsets as it might be dangerous.


Night halts can be done at nearby rest houses to enjoy the next day's tour. Some forest homes are also available for the tourists to enjoy the adventurous holiday.

How to reach:

Nearest airport & railhead is Imphal. Private & tourist buses are also available to reach the park. Tourists can also hire a private vehicle to reach the spot.