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Udayagiri Caves, Madhya Pradesh

Udayagiri Caves, Madhya Pradesh
Udayagiri Caves, Madhya Pradesh (Credit.5169426964)
Situated in Sunpura and Udaygiri villages of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh, Udayagiri Caves are a group of rock-cut cave sanctuaries, carved into a sandstone hill that stands guard on the horizon. The caves are the finest examples of classical gupta arts. Udaygiri is a word of Sanskrit language meaning sunrise hills.

Udayagiri was mentioned as Kumari Parvat in Hathigumpha inscription and thus it is believed that these were carved during 4th to 5th A.D. representing all the distinctive features of the Classical Gupta art.

There are nearly twenty rock cut caves carved into protrusion of sandstone and most are just positioned however some form columned temples. These Caves have been numbered according to the sequence in which they were excavated. In Caves four, six and nineteen, one can observe that the shrines become larger and more ornate and cells appear more spacious. Cave 1, which has a facade adapted out of a natural ledge of rock, thus forming both the roof of the cellar and its portico. The row of four pillars bears the vase and foliage pattern. Characterized by richly carved facades and doorways, the holy places are progressively more spacious and more ornate.

Udayagiri caves has a series of rock-shelters and petroglyphs, ruined buildings, inscriptions, water systems, fortifications and habitation mounds, all of which have been only partially examined. These stupendous groups of caves represent the vitality and strength of Gupta art and technique.