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Narwar Fort, Madhya Pradesh

Narwar Fort, Madhya Pradesh
Narwar Fort, Madhya Pradesh
Narwar Fort is situated on the top of a hill in Narwar town in Madhya Pradesh standing on a step scarp of the Vindhya Range. It is said that this fort was built by Kachwaha Rajputs when they occupied Narwar in the 10th century. This fort is 41 km from Shivpuri. It is a historic fort made by the famous king Raja Man Singh and his beautiful wife Mragnayani, also known as Gujri Rani.

Narwar town is one of the most popular weekend gateways near Gwalior and is an ideal tourist destination as it is surrounded by river Kali Sindh. There are three dams which includes Harsi Dam, Mohini Sagar and Atal Sagar making it one among the best spots to visit. The Narwar Fort is divided by cross walls into four 'ahata' and 'dholaahata' holding a unique architecture basically of Rajput style including flat ceiling, fluted columns and multifold arches. The architecture of the fort is splendid making it second followed by Gwalior Fort in magnificence.

There is Jai Stambha, Sati monument, Ladu bungalow, Chhip Mahal, Makardwaj Tal, Kacheri mahal, Sikandar Lodi's Mosque,Shehenshah Anas Khan Joshi's Tomb and Jail Kambha near the fort. Tourists can visit any time throughout the year as the fort is glorious throughout the year.