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Bhartrihari Caves, Madhya Pradesh

Bhartrihari Caves, Madhya Pradesh
Bhartrihari Caves, Madhya Pradesh
Situated on the bank of the Shipra River near the Gadkalika temple, Bhartrihari Caves is a historical site located in Ujjain and is named after the famous sage 'Bhatrihari'. It is believed that king Bhatrihari, step brother of king Vikramaditya lived and meditated here after renouncing the worldly life. Even if King Bhatrihari was born in a royal family with noble background he decided to abandon all luxuries of life and live a life of Spartan and spend his rest of life in meditation. He was a great scholar and poet. Some of his famous work includes Shringarshatak, Vairagyashatak, and Nitishatak.

He was mastered in the use of Sanskrit language and is accounted amongst some of the great scholars in India. Dating back to the 5th century this great researcher in known for his two most influential writings called Vakyapadiya which is on Sanskrit grammar and linguistic philosophy. He is considered one of the most renowned scholars who tried to simplify the grammar of Sanskrit for common man.

This cave also includes a small temple placed inside the cave which is devoted to the idol of Nath community. Number of devotees and visitors visit here paying homage to the great poet-prophet. The place is equally admired and revered by Nath Sadhus or the religious Shamans surrounding the area with big tents and organizing large sacrificial fires. It is one of the well visited sights of Ujjain which is often crowded with devotees visiting the area from far places.