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Palakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife in Kerala

Palakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Palakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Palakkad Wildlife Sanctuary comprises two important National Park and they are Silent Valley National Park and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. The Silent Valley National Park is an evergreen rain forest which is located in the Sahyadri Range in Palakkad. It is the only evergreen and beautiful forest with lots of greenery which covers the sahyadri range. The Silent Valley Park is known for its calmness which echoes with the sound of the wildlife residing there which has wide range and variety of flora and fauna. The Palakkad lies at the foot of the Western Ghats and is situated 50 km from Coimbatore

The Silent Valley consists of 110 species of plants and mammals like Bonnet macaques, lion, tailed macaques, Nilgiri langurs, loris, tigers, leopards, focen, pangolins etc, various kinds of Reptiles, Snakes, Fishes and Flora such as Neem, nanjanathi, sandal, dendrocalamus and bamboosa arundinacea, teak, vengal, muzhukanjiram, maruthu, vaka, mulluvenga, rosewood, manjakadambu pala, elavu, vembu, aval, vanteak.

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a thickly forested region amidst in Annamalai Range has also wide variety of flora and fauna which houses prime species like Tigers, Kraits, Spectacled Cobras Vipers, Bonnet Macaques, Turtles, Darters, Little Cormorants and Black Eagles.

Things to do:

Trekking: Trekking on Dhoni, Seethakundu and Govindamalai hills will add more adventure and it will be enchanting experience for the wildlife lovers.

Boating: The Palakkad Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal place for boating and one can take a boat cruise along the Kunthipuza River.                                         

How to Reach:

Palakkad is connected to all major cities of Kerala so reaching will not be a problem.