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Kollam Wildlife Sanctuary, Popular Sanctuary

Kollam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Kollam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Kollam Wildlife Sanctuary which is also known as Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1984. It is the only wildlife sanctuary which is situated in Kollam District, Kerala. Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the richest floral areas of Kerala which covers total area of 250 sq km and is acclaimed the world over for its bio-diversity.

The name "Shenduruny" is derived from a prevalent species of tree called Chenkuruny (Gluta travancoria), mainly confined to this region. The artificial lake formed by the Parappar Dam built across the Shenduruny and Kulathupuzha rivers occupies the central region of the sanctuary and the lake covers the area. This area is rich in flora.

Things to do and see:

The Parappar Dam: Thenmala (Parappar) Dam which is built across the Shenduruny and Kulathupuzha rivers lies at the centre of the sanctuary.

Oldest river valley civilizations: The remains of the Stone Age culture belonging to the Mesolithic period from 5210 to 4420 BC, have also been excavated from a large cave at the northwestern part of the Shenduruny River. This cave is large enough to hold 20 people at a time and has paintings similar to the Mesolithic paintings found in the caves of central India.

Trekking: Trekking, rock climbing and rappelling are mostly done here.


Accomodation facility includes Rest House at Thenmala which is owned by the PWD and facilities of hotels and resorts can be availed at Kollam District.

How to reach

One can reach this destination via road, rail or air as the sanctuary is connected with the Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram city.