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Cochin Carnival, Famous Carnival

Cochin Carnival, Kerala
Cochin Carnival, Kerala
Cochin Carnival is an important festival which is held annually in the last week of December at Kochi Fort. The fort in Kochi is wonderfully decorated like a bride and tourists from all over the world and within the country participate happily. The main motto of this carnival is "Participation", Developmentā€ and "Peace" but the ultimate aim is the fostering of communal harmony by offering people a platform for a common celebration of life. This event is carried out for two weeks reflecting the festive mood of the carnival and consisting of fun events.

The whole city impatiently waits every year for this carnival. The inception of this Kochi carnival can be traced back to the Portuguese New Year revelry, held here during the colonial days. But then gradually it evolved take the form of Cochin Carnival of Kerala which is popularly known today.

The preparation for this carnival generally begins months in advance for hosting the unique games, fairs and partying during the Carnival of Cochin. Everyone dresses up in fancy dresses including children to old ones. Particularly, children are seen bursting with enthusiasm. Different South and North Indian folk dances are also organized during this festival.

Celebration includes games like Kalam Vara (floor drawing), tug-of-war, bicycle race, swimming in the sea, and beach volleyball. Special attention is being paid on colors in this carnival and White color wins as everything is done in white color and all establishments in the city is done with white paper buntings.

Things to do and see:

Main Attraction: A massive procession of caparisoned elephants on the New Year's Day followed by games and partying.