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Murudeshwar Beach - The Gigantic Shiva

The Murudeshwar Beach, Karnataka
The Murudeshwar Beach, Karnataka
Murudeshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on the Banks of the Arabian Sea is the world's tallest statue. The destroyer of the Universe seated in the meditation mudra, with a long golden snake around his neck, lies in the divine beach town of Bhatkal in Uttar Kannad.

Accompanying the statue of Shiva, statue of Ravana handing the Atma Lingam to Lord Ganesha- the Brahmin boy is also seen. Murudeshwara has a legendry since the time of Ramayana. When after his boon from Lord Shiva, he was tricked by Lord Vishnu. After realizing that he was tricked, with extreme rage of anger he threw the cloth covering the Atma Lingam on a high hill. And this is how the place came to be known as Mrideshwara (now Murudeshwara).

Tourists approaching from far away to visit the beach can also grab the opportunity to perform rituals, pujas, sevas and offerings to the Lord and seek blessings of the massive statue where illuminated oil lamps are closely held by the priests. The gushing waves of the sea attract the children, the young & the old to have a splendid time in the waters of Murudeshwar. The long stretch of sand invites many artists to try out their small art pieces of sand. The awesome experience of a holiday on a beach is incomplete without the tempting eatables available on the stalls that stand along the sea-line. The beach unlike the others has a special characteristic- it gives a captivating view of the sunrise each day. The sunrays directly fall on the idol resulting into a sparkling view. The beach provides a complete hang out with an unusual combination of fun & spirituality.

Accommodation is well equipped with modern amenities. The beach is reachable by air- nearest airport Goa, rail- Hubli- nearest railhead and road- Bhatkal 16kms away.