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Malpe Beach - The Best Picnic Spot

The Malpe Beach, Karnataka (South India)
The Malpe Beach, Karnataka (South India)
Malpe Beach - the jewel of Karnataka is the best place to enjoy an outdoor picnic with friends & family. The exotic beauty of the beach - long stretch of gold, contrast of the clear blue sky with the lush greenery seems like a mesmerizing natural painting on a huge canvas. The immaculate beauty, gentle convincing whisper of palm trees and the beautiful panorama creates a heavenly atmosphere all through.

This gorgeous sight in the enticing land of South India marvels the tourists to throng in large number every year. Malpe being the supreme place for spending a holiday also gives rise to many bread earners. It's the best speck for fishing, bathing, boating, angling and many more adventure water sports.

The awe-inspiring view of the glistening, silvery view of the beach with roaring waves has made Malpe, fame country wide.

Apart from the eye-pleasing vision of Malpe the St. Marry Island is an interesting and delightful place to visit which is just 7km away from Udupi and only a boat ride away from Malpe.

Maple is smoothly accessible by roadways - 6km from Udupi and 66Km from Mangalore. The railhead and airport at Mangalore too are the nearest communicative means to Malpe. Accommodation comforts and facilities satisfy the tourists well as there are many luxurious and affordable resorts and hotels to spend superior time.

The nearest air route to Malpe is The Bajpe Airport. At a distance of just 3km from the bus stand is the nearest railway station of Udupi.