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The Ancient Hampi in Vijayanagara, Karnataka

Hampi In Karnataka, South India
Hampi In Karnataka, South India
353 km away from Bangalore, Hampi - one of the ancient landmarks of India is situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra which is located in the ruins of the historic city of Vijayanagara. The ruined city, in the capital of former Vijayanagara Empire, still continues to be a religious centre from the times of yore. Hampi is also identified as the very primordial Kishkinda, the kingdom of monkeys mentioned in the Indian Epic - Ramayana. The very foremost settlements in Hampi date back to the 1st CE.

Things To Do & See

Hampi is surrounded on three sides with hills and the bucketing Tungabhadra on the fourth side. This historically and architecturally significant site is thrived with large stones that have been utilized to make deities of the Hindu culture. Many excavations are still continued in the city by the Archeological Survey of India to discover the ruined temples and additional artifacts. For the history - buffs and architecture lovers Hampi is the best place to visit and add pages to diary.

How to Reach?

Ensuring a large number of visitors each year, facilities for easy accessibility by all the means of transport are made. Belgaum Airport, about 270 km away is the nearest link to the place, direct flights to the link from Bangalore and Mumbai are also operated. Hospet, 13 km away, is the nearest rail head to Hampi. It is also well- connected with Bangalore and other major part of Karnataka.


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