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Flora & Fauna of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
The Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, situated partially in the districts of Mysore, Bangalore & Mandal stretches far about 526.96 sq km. The forest formed since more than two decades ago, is bordered by the river Cauvery & the Deccan state Tamil Nadu as the Eastern & the Northern boundary. The wide Sanctuary lies amidst the green mountains and receives a rainfall of 945 mm each year. The dry & deciduous type of vegetation is provided with sufficient water supply by some perennial and other seasonal rivers flowing through.

Flora & Fauna

This confined area marks the high mass of elephant reserve areas in Nagarhole, Mudumala Wynaad, Bandipur and few more places. Cauvery wildlife sanctuary is richly filled with a large and wide range of flora & fauna. Numerous species of plants, shrubs, creepers & trees are found in the forest. The extreme ranges of both common & rare creatures have been viewed in the sanctuary as its dwelling place.

Animals usually found in this region are: reptiles like the vipers, crocodiles, kraits, etc. the thick growth of forest also shows a variety of sambhars, elephants, antelopes, spotted & barking deer, wild boars, Malabar giant squirrels and a numerous more.

The forest is a treat for the bird watchers. The green-billed malkoha, the pigmy woodpecker, white-browed bulbul and the Sirkeer cuckoo are found here. The sanctuary is also renowned for the endangered mahseer fish. The entire visit to the sanctuary brings one very close to nature and develops a feeling of preserving its Country's priceless wealth.

Things To Do: trek to the hill top the sanctuary or raft in the brisk flowing water of Cauvery. Tourists can also indulge into the game of fishing.

How to Reach:

Nearest Airport: Mysore

Nearest Railway Station: Mysore

Road Transport: Bus service is available form Mysore.