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Aihole On The Banks Of Malaprabha River

Aihole In Karnataka, South India
Aihole In Karnataka, South India
The ancient, 5th century temple of Goddess of power - Durga is situated on the banks of river Malprabha in South Karnataka. The sacred town of Aihole is rewarded by the title - "The Cradle of the Hindu Architecture" as there are nearly 100 to 125 temples in the town which are further divided into groups. Most of the temples of the town were built between the 6th & 7th century.

Things To Do & See

Carvings & Sculptures: The artistically carved temples portray the excellent art & craft work of the architects & labors of the ancient times. The detailed work on the pillars and the Gopuram reveals the sharpness & capability of the sculptors. The peaceful atmosphere of the town and temple areas creates a heavenly feeling in the surrounding,

Ancient Temple Groups: Tour to the holy town of Aihole is just like tasting a fruit in heaven. There are many clusters of beautified temples to visit in town. Some of the most ancient groups include - The Ravanaphadi, The Kontigudi, The Galaganatha groups, The Lad Khan Temple, The Huchiappayyagudi, The Meguti Jain, The Sooryanarayana, The Konthi, The Uma Maheshwari temples and many other such temples.

The temperature raises upto 41⁰ C in summer & falls upto 31⁰ C in winter. Communication might not be too difficult as both Hindi & English along with the local language Kannad are spoken and understood here.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

How to Reach?

Aihole is easily reachable from Bangalore, Badami & Pattadakal as it is well connected to all the three places. Travel links to the town are easily available. The nearest station is Badami Railhead.


Accommodation too is very reasonable & affordable. There are many hotels at station road and many other local rest houses near the town that well- satisfy the basic comforts of the tourists.