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Narmada River, Gujarat

Narmada River, Gujarat
Narmada River, Gujarat (Credit.4407971224)
Also called the Rewa, Narmada is the fifth largest river within the Indian sub-continent. Traversing a total length of 1,312 kilometers, Narmada is one of the few rivers in India flowing westwards through the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat before draining into the Arabian Sea. However, most of the journey including origin of Narmada is within Madhya Pradesh, whereas 161 kilometers of the last and the most useful part is in the Gujarat State. One of the most sacred rivers in India, it features numerous important religious places, temples and ghats along the entire course.


Originating in a small tank called Narmada Kund on the Amarkantak Hill in Madhya Pradesh; this river descends over a cliff at Kapildhara Falls and meanders through the hills in a torturous course. Narmada further goes through narrow channels within the Marble Rocks near Jabalpur Town, and emerges into its first fertile basin terminating at Barkhara Hills opposite Hoshangabad.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Located near Navagam in Gujarat, it is the largest dam on the river which is a part of the Narmada Valley Project. It started taking shape since 1979 as a developmental project intended to increase irrigation land while generating hydro-electricity. The Sardar Sarovar Dam which eventually went through stiff opposition from civil-groups is destined to benefit several drought prone areas of Kutch and the Saurashtra regions. With a potential to feed as many as 20 million people along with valuable electric power generation, this controversial project was finally cleared by orders of the Supreme Court of India.