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Museum of Christian Art in Goa

Museum of Christian Art, Goa
Museum of Christian Art, Goa
The Museum of Christian Art was established to showcase the prosperity of Indo-Portuguese Christian Art from Goa. This popular Goan Museum highlights the uniqueness of Indo-Portuguese art and displays the exquisite church art that blossomed during the Portuguese era. This is the only Christian Art Museum in South Asia, which was set up by the Indian National Trust for structural design and Cultural Heritage and the Gulbenkian Foundation of Portugal. This museum is the first of its kind in entire Asia, exhibiting the wealth found in the numerous churches built by the Portuguese as well as few relics donated by the resident Goan families.

This museum was established in 1994 and was situated at the Seminary of Rachol in Salcette, Goa. The museum is now relocated in a different venue, within the Convent of Santa Monica, Old Goa, in the vicinity of world Heritage Monuments. Museum of Christian Art displays an incredible part of Goa’s heritage that is badly neglected. The major theme is of Indian objects displayed, mostly of Hindu contribution to the Christian Art.

The main aims for setting up the Museum of Christian Art are listed below:

  • Create awareness and love for objects that uphold our heritage.
  • Conserve and exhibit priceless objects for public view.
  • Co-operate in efforts for preservation of objects of art.
  • Inspire people to treasure such priceless objects.

Museum of Christian Art Exhibits / Collections

Museum of Christian Art has many galleries that display interesting objects related to the Portuguese churches of Christian idols. These galleries include cultural anthropology gallery, numismatics gallery, contemporary art gallery, furniture gallery, the freedom struggle gallery of Goa and more. The museum holds the many artifacts of Goan Christian art made during the Portuguese era.

The Museum of Christian Art in Goa boats some unambiguous objects which were made by the local Hindu artists, include a tiger-skin-wrapped John the Baptist. Other items are the richly embroidered priest vestments, a number of devotional carvings, paintings, a portable mass kit, excellent silverware, including crucifixes, crowns and salvers.

Entry Fee: Adult Rs. 20 / Students Rs. 5 / Children below 12 years Free

Timings: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm / Monday to Sunday

Museum of Christian Art,
Annex Convent of Santa Monica,
Ella, Old Goa 403402, Goa