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The Unconquered Aguada Fort in Goa

Aguada Fort, Goa
Aguada Fort, Goa
Fort Aguada was built by the Portuguese in 1612 at the mouth of Mandovi River to protect Goa from the Dutch and Maratha raiders. Aguada translates to 'water' in Portuguese; the name was given to the fort because of the natural spring within, that provided water supply to the ships after a long sea voyage. Fort Aguada is one of the best preserved forts in Goa and is a prime tourist attraction of Goa.


This Portuguese-era fort in Goa was also used as a reference point for the vessels coming from far Europe. The Portuguese erected this massive bastion in 1609-12 to protect their regime from the wandering attacks by the Marathas and the Dutch. This fort was equipped with roaring two hundred cannons and its fortification made Aguada, an unbeatable and unconquered fort during the 450 year long rule of Portuguese in India.


Aguada fort lighthouse is incredible and massive structure of four storey's, which was building the 19th centaury (1864) and is one of the oldest in Asia and also one of its kind. The beautiful St Lawrence Church is in the centre of the fort Aguada, which was built in the year 1630. Dolphin tours are also organized and one can see the Aguada Jail during this trip. One will find varied attractions here like the stunning Calangute Beach, the Cabo Raj Bhavan or The Cabo Palace, and the tip of the Marmagoa peninsula.

How to Reach

Most of the Goa tour operators offer conducted tours to Aguada Fort or else private taxis can also be hired to reach the fort.