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Kotumsar and Kailash Caves Jagdalpur

Inside Kotumsar Caves
Inside Kotumsar Caves
The Kotumsar and Kailash Caves, located close to Tirathgarh Waterfalls in the Kanger Valley National Park in Chhattisgarh are one of the top tourist attractions of Jagdalpur. Both the caves are situated at convenient distances of 38 km and 40 km respectively from the city of Jagdalpur.

Kotumsar Caves

Kotumsar Caves is located about 35 meters below ground level and is around 1371 meters long. These caves have got the distinction of being India's first and world's second longest natural caves. As they are underground, there is pitch-darkness inside. It features Stalactites and Stalagmites formations. Entry to the caves is gained through the stairs and tourists have to pass through tall, narrow chambers for gaining access to the main hall that features superb acoustics. The caves feature five chambers having several blind wells. Lots of tribal tales are also associated with it and are also known as Gupanpal or Kutamsar Caves. The Stalactites found inside the cave have been an interesting research topic for scientists and even arouses the curiosity of the visitors.

Kailash Caves

Kailash Caves are also located in the Kanger Valley National Park area near Mikulwada. Discovered recently in 1993, the cave is around 250 meters long and is situated at an altitude of 40 meters above the ground level. It also features stalactite and stalagmite formations that offer stunning sight. Access to the cave is gained through a narrow opening and at the end of the cave is the huge stalagmite formation in the shape of Shivlinga. The hollow walls of the cave when struck by hand make incredible musical sounds.