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Popular Waterfalls in Bihar

The waterfalls in Bihar are as spectacular in anywhere in India, which are in the peak of their natural beauty in the monsoon season. The beautiful locations of these popular waterfalls in Bihar are amidst the nature or any of the national parks, which easily become a perfect weekend getaway or a popular picnic spot. The series of rough and ready waterfalls of this state from the cold waters gushing down, where a lovely pool at the bottom invites all to take a quick dip and enjoy few thrilling watersports. These eco-wonders, the waterfalls of Bihar are a major tourist attraction, apart of the religious significance the state possess. The cool misty waters surrounded by the thick tropical rainforest inspire many writers and poets in general. These waterfalls also create a tranquil heaven which takes one away from the hustle bustle of everyday life. Positively the Bihar waterfalls make a pretty breathtaking view and are definitely worth visiting.
Kakolat waterfall a stunning little hidden wonder of nature, situated on the beautiful Kakolat hill, located on the border of Bihar and Jharkhand, just 33 kms from Nawada. This is one of the most visited and renowned Bihar getaway, where tourists come from all over the state and adjoining areas to witness the sheer beauty of Mother Nature cascading marvelously. The Kakolat waterfall of Bihar cascades down from a height of between 150 to 160 feet and forms a natural reservoir at the base of the waterfall.

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Beautiful Kakolat Waterfall, Bihar
Karkat waterfall, in the Kaimur District in Bihar is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the state. This Bihar waterfall offer eye-catching and picturesque views to the visitors and travelers passing by this beautiful Karkat waterfall are forced to stop by and enjoy its gushing cold waters of this waterfall. This natural source of cascading water originating from the Kaimur Hills provides a perfect spot for weekend picnics for the whole family. Karkat waterfall is best for a wide variety of watersports activities, where people of all age group enjoy in cold running waters at the fullest.

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Stunning Karkat Waterfall, Bihar