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Vishal Fort, Vaishali, Bihar

Fort Vishal, Bihar
Fort Vishal, Bihar
Fort Vishal was named after King Vishal of Vaishali in Bihar, India. This marvelous archeological ancient monument is basically an excavated site in Vaishali, Bihar. This one kilometer lengthy Fort Vishal is believed to be the remains of an ancient parliament house, of the Lichhivis where these people used to discuss and regulate the ancient republic. Hence the Fort Vishal is known as the element of the oldest democracy in the world. An architectural marvel, Fort Vishal is worth visiting.

Apart from the fort, the museum of Vaishali is worth visiting. This museum has some of the excavated artifacts from Vaishali. Then there are the Stupas, Abhishek Pushkarni and the Dargah of Miran ji are some of the tourist places in Vaishali. The stupas found in Vaishali had stone caskets which contained the ashes of Buddha. About the Abhishek Pushkarni is said that a king anoint with the water of this tank before his coronation.