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Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bihar

Picturesque Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bihar
Picturesque Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bihar
Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar, India is one of the smallest sanctuaries which measures approximately 8.75 Sqkms. Inspite of being smaller in size the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary does not face any problems and manages to preserve the innocuous quintessence of the wild beasts that inhabit in this sanctuary. This sanctuary is the best example of eco-tourism that attracts nature lovers from all across the globe to the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary of Bihar.

Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife

With amazing and some of the most endangered wildlife species the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary at Bihar attracts a good number of nature and wildlife enthusiasts in the sanctuary. Leopard, jungle cat, cheetal, barking deer, wild boar, mongoose, langur, jackal, fox and wild dogs are few common mammalian species in the forest of Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar.

Birdlife at Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary

Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary is a bird watchers paradise and well known site for the flow of migratory birds. Bird lovers will find some of the best bird species in this sanctuary such as pochards, red crested pochards and coots. Topchanchi sanctuary provides significant shelter for the resident birds that include bronze winged jacanas, pond herons, egrets, swamp partridges, etc.

Best Time and Lodging

The best time of the year to visit Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary is between October-June. There are many lodges available near this sanctuary for staying & bungalows are also available. The nearest railway station is Gomoh Junction.