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Sone River, Major River in Bihar

Bridge at River Sone, Bihar
Bridge at River Sone, Bihar
Son River also spelled as Sone, has a total length of 784 kilometers (487 miles) is one of the largest rivers of India. Son flows parallel to the Kaimur hills, flowing east-northeast through Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar states to join the Ganges just above Patna after a 487-mile (784-km) course. The River Son in Bihar state for about seventy miles forms a boundary between the districts of Shahabad and Ramghar.

The geographical features of the Son River are that it has a steep gradient with quick run-off and momentary regimes; it converts into a roaring river with the rain-waters in the catchment area but turning quickly into a fordable stream. Being wide and shallow the Son River leaves disconnected pools of water in the remaining part of the year. River Sone becomes really furious and very rapid in the rainy season and not much use of it for navigation across the river can me made.