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Bihar River, Natural Water Resource of the State

Bihar topography can be easily described as a fertile alluvial plain occupying the Gangetic Valley. Bihar is opulently gifted with numerous natural water resources which are both the ground water resource and the surface water resource. The flow of the large and small water bodies and the major Bihar Rivers and its tributaries is considerably good in the entire state. Rainfall in Bihar is also one of the prominent factors for natural water supply in and around Bihar. Holy River Ganga is the major river of Bihar, which is joined by its various tributaries well connected with their sources in the Himalayas. These are some of the popular tributaries of Ganga River in Bihar, the Saryu (Ghaghra), Gandak, Budhi Gandak, Bagmati, Kamla-Balan and Mahananda. Other than Ganga, Kosi River, Son River, Gandaki River, Ajay River and Mahananda River are also prime rivers in Bihar.
Mahananda River is one of the prime tributaries of the Ganga River in the eastern part of India. The origin of this mighty Mahananda River is from the extreme north of West Bengal from the stunning hills of Darjeeling. Originating from this beautiful hill station the Mahananda River, then flows southwards through the fertile agricultural area of Bihar and enters West Bengal flowing past English Bazaar.

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Mahananda River, Bihar
The Gandaki River, also known as the Kali Gandaki and the Gandak, is a tributary of the Ganges River. The Kali Gandaki starts at the north of Tibetan plateau of the Himalayas in the Mustang District of Nepal, near the Tibetan border. It is one of the major rivers of Nepal and is notable for the deep gorge through which it flows. This river is functional and very useful at the Indo-Nepal border that provides water for a major Irrigation cum Hydroelectric power facility at the Indo-Nepal border at Valmikinagar.

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Gandaki River, Bihar