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Muzaffarpur Sights and Attractions

Muzaffarpur City Attraction
Guwahati City Skyline - Assam

Muzaffarpur is a largest city in the northern part of Bihar and located near the Himalayan foothills. Muzaffarpur was named after Muzaffar Khan, who was a revenue officer in the early eighteenth century. The town is famous for its Litchi farms and well-known as the Litchi capital of India. This is relatively an old city and the region has been ruled by different dynasties and rulers since the 6th century.

The present day Muzaffarpur is one of the oldest and largest trade centers in the entire state of Bihar, India. Rice and sugar mills and cutlery manufacture are the chief industries here. The city also has a few places of interest for Buddhists and there are many places that relate to Lord Buddha that are present here. Jubba Sahni Park, Litchi gardens, Kesaria Stupa, Garib Sthan Mandir, Rajeshwari Devi Mandir, Ramna Devi Mandir, Baglamukhi Mandir and National Litchi Research Centre are some of the prime attractions of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, India.

Baba Garibnath Temple is the religious attractions in Muzaffarpur and certainly one of the most famous Lord Shiva temples in the town. There is a story associated in the foundation of this temple, which is often said and heard by the locals of Muzaffarpur who are staying by the temple. The story says that there was a landlord in prehistoric time who owned this piece of land where Baba Garibnath Temple is situated today. Also in the same premises of the temple, there was a huge Banyan tree which provided shade and relief to who use to stop at this place.

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Worship Place at Baba Garibnath Temple
Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple is widely famous for its spirituality and faith, which is situated in the city of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Way back in the year 1303, a big idol of "Lord Chaturbhuj" was found in a village called "Turki". In this small village of Turki, people religiously with full devotion and faith started worshiping Lord Chaturbhuj, but it seems the lord desired something else! In the same era, there was a soul worshipper of Lord Shiva, who had also established a "Shivling" at the present Muzaffarpur.

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Chaturbhuj Temple, Muzaffarpur