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Museums in Bihar

The cultural and architectural heritage of Bihar can be portrayed from the varied types of Museums in Bihar. In ancient times, Bihar had been a center of rich cultural heritage and in the present day, all the prehistoric monuments and statues of deities are well preserved in different museums located in Bihar. Bihar museums are basically the preserver of this entire cultural heritage of Bihar and its surrounding regions. At the popular museums in Bihar, visitors will find various cultural objects like sculptures made of bronze, wood, stone, terracotta, pottery also there will be different items like manuscripts, carpets, coins, fossils etc. The excavated tribal objects found in various museums in Bihar have great archeological importance and depict the exclusive artisanship. Patna Museum, Nalanda Museum, Bodh Gaya Museum, Vaishali Museum, and Vikramshila Museum are major museums of Bihar and are also popular tourist attractions in Bihar.
The Patna Museum is owned by the State Government of Bihar, which was established in the year 1917. The Patna museum in Bihar is one of the best museums in India where history, culture and art tradition of this land is well preserved in the form of various historical artifacts and relics. The Patna museum is also locally called 'Jadu Ghar', meaning magic house, was built in the year 1917, which aimed in preserving the rich archeological structures and artifacts found during the excavations of the ancient sites in Bihar.

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Patna Museum Artifacts, Patna, Bihar
The Archeological Museum at Nalanda was established in the year 1917, houses numerous antiquities which are excavated mainly from Nalanda, the earliest university cum monastery and also from Rajgir. The Nalanda archeological museum is situated in front of the ruins of the famous ancient learning centre of Nalanda. Nalanda is a major Buddhist pilgrimage, situated 93 kms southeast of capital city Patna, Bihar and in prehistoric times was renowned as an ancient learning centre of the monastic university.

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Historic Statue at Nalanda Museum, Bihar